We are back!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a failed first attempt (mostly due to bad timing) PimentoLoaf.com
has returned.  

We know the demand for Pimento Loaf is strong.  We are here bigger and
better than ever!  

A glorious ecommerce website with the latest technology will be coming
soon.  We will be able to meet your Pimento Loaf needs.  

We want to be your number one Pimento Loaf source.  

Thank you for your continued support.  All comments and suggestions are

Please share your favorite Pimento Loaf story with us and let us know if it
is ok for us to post the story on our website.

Also let us know if you want us to link to your website.  All friends of
PimentoLoaf.com are welcome.   Or if you want us to post something on
our website let us know.  

Your Number One Pimento Loaf Source